TMC Services Incorporated was established in February of 1997 as the exclusive, factory authorized, service provider for Research Incorporated products. Research Inc. was well known for designing Industrial Temperature Controllers, Power Controllers, and Control Systems, starting in the 1950's. In September of 1999, TMC Services entered into agreement with Research Inc. for the purchase of the Micristar product line, which was one of their largest product lines. Considering the fact that approximately 13,000 Micristar's were sold worldwide, relocation of the business to Elk River, Minnesota, and the addition of staff was essential.

Since purchasing the Micristar line, TMC Services has been manufacturing the Micristar with the same quality and specifications that Research Inc. provided. This includes ISO 9000 approved board houses, Research Inc. approved parts, test fixtures, and procedures. With over 20 years of technical experience related to Research Inc. products, we can provide a level of service and support that meets or exceeds your expectations. Because TMC Services is a small company, we're able to provide a very personalized service to each customer, but we're large enough to assist with engineering support for customization, upgrades, multiple loop process controllers, and control software.


Exclusive manufacturer of Micristar Control Line
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